Termo Desport s.r.l. operates in footwear sector since 1976 in the internal and international market.
Our production units, based in Cornuda and Civitanova Marche, are located in two of the main footwear industrial districts of Italy
What we do

We manufacture insoles and footbeds for every kind of shoe. Moreover, our technology and experience enable us to produce also chair back cushions, motorcycle boot pads and more..


Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs by providing them with innovative, high quality and entirely made in Italy products.
In fact, our large-scale production maintains artisan characteristics and quality.

The perfect partner
From design to end product
Design Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We collaborate with our clients in the development of every product, in order to make it unique.
End product

We offer a wide range of standard insoles, which are useful for customers to satisfy urgent needs.

Our products